Portugal is the Best Golden Visa Programme in Europe

The mix between the Programme rules, the country attractiveness to invest, the amazing daily security, the climate and the quality of life result in the best option when compared with other investment programme for those who are looking for that extra Passport or Citizenship in their lives.

185 Destinations Visa-Free Acess, including Europe Union, within the Schengen Area

Security Ranked #3 World - Global Peace Index

Qualify with just 7 days on the first year and 14 days on the upcoming years

Family Reunification with acess to their own Passports, including minors

Get the Passport on the 6th year and have it forever.

Pursue a Professional activity

Portugal Ranked #1 Investment destiny by PWC - Price Waterhouse Coopers

Portugal Awarded #1 in Sustentability in Europe

Portugal Voted #1 Place to Retire in the World by Retirement Overseas

7 Investment Options

Amazing possibilities and endless opportunities regarding the most awarded country in Europe. To Invest in Portugal is to secure your capital in Euros, in a country where foreign investment is welcome.

Real Estate

Purchase of ANY type of real estate of at least 500.000€, or 350.000€ for properties in rehabilitation areas.


Investing of at least 350k in Funds or Venture Capital in portuguese companies.

Job Creation

Creation of at least 10 permanent jobs

Investment in R&D

Capital Investment of 250.000€ in R&D

Investment in Arts

Capital Investment of 250.000€ in Arts & Culture

Investment in Start Up´s


Capital Transference

When making a bank transference equal or above 1M€.

The investment activity must be maintained for a minimum period of 5 years after the residence permit is granted.



VP Asia

Portugal Golden Visa passport was far easier to obtain than I expected and I am amazed with this wonderful country that I did not know until now. But recommend.

Why Portugal

Portugal is voted, ranked and considered by many investors, entrepeneurs, journalists and top managers has the Greates place to Work, Live and Study


The Best Programme in Europe


Portugal ranks #3 in world safety

European Healthcare

Modern Hospitals and Professional Doctors


To invest in Portugal is having your capital secured

Best Tax System

The NHR (Non-Habitual Residents) regime is "the" best. It grants 10 years with 0% taxes from foreign incomes


To welcome foreigners is a local sport :)


International Schools and World Class Universities on the Tops

Excellent Food & Fish

Living in Portugal is having some of the best food and wines money can buy

2H Flight European Cities

Live here and go anywhere in Europe within 2h flight

Award Golf Courses & Beaches

Algarve is #1 Golf Destination (2015-2016-2017-2018,...)

DISCOVER PORTUGAL. The country of Warmth and Hospitality

For many years this country was considered by many as the best-kept secret in Europe. With almost 10 centuries of an immense history where you can immerse. Portugal has been for centuries a world center of different cultures make it a very tolerant and safe country. Foreigners are always welcome and most of the portuguese speak english and their second language.

If you already know Portugal from a tourist visit or by the international media you know why people fall in love for it. But if you have never been in Portugal then it´s time to come and have a warming welcome. To live here will be your next natural step.

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Marie Claire Retired
As an international expert in insurance I am always travelling and I can assure you that Great has an extraordanary team of professionals
John Baham Entrepeneur - Insurance and Risk Strategist


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We Speak Portuguese, English, Spanish and Italian

Golden Visa Programme

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